Abandon All Hope


EP, 2001, MetalAgen Records
1. Civilization
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Iron Man
4. Final Countdown
5. Power & Reason
6. When Life Ends (Unreleased 7"EP Version)
7. Reign Of Silence (Oversun Edit)
8. Civilization (Last World War Mix)

Gods Tower is:
Alexander Urakoff — guitars, keyboards
Lesley Knife — vocals
Wladislaw Saltsevich — drums
Valery Novoseltsev — bass
Sergey Sergeichikoff — keyboards

Produced by MetalAgen

All music by Alexander Urakoff & Gods Tower

All lyrics by Lesley Knife
Except "Iron Man" by Tony Iommi/Bill Ward/Terry "Geezer" Butler/Ozzy Osbourne (c) 1970 Warner Bros. Records
"Final Countdown" by Joey Tempest (c) 1986 CBS Inc./Epic Records
and "Power & Reason" by Andrey Bolshakov (c) ARIA

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded 17-18 October 2000 in Belarus TV studio, Minsk, Belarus. Engineered by Yuri Harachka
Tracks 3 & 4 recorded from November 1999 to January 2000in Prockl Sound studio, Minsk, Belarus. Engineered by Andrei Zubritch
Track 5 recorded in Ruster studio 10-11 April 2001 at Ruster studio, Chernigov, Ukraine. Engineered by Igor Prigorovski
Track 6 recorded and mixed in September of 1993 in TEF studio, Moscow, Russia
Track 7 remixed by Oversun, recorded and mixed at P&A DS Studio, March 2001. Courtesy of Nostradamus Records (E-mail:nostradamusrec,Web:http://nostradamusrec.euro.ru).
Track 8 remixed by Fat Not Dead in October-November of 2000 in A-Bomb studio, Minsk, Belarus

Yuri Sivtsoff bass on 3,4,6 tracks
Dmitry Ovchinnikov keyboards on 3,4 tracks
Inna Lozovskaya keyboards on 6 track
Mixed & mastered in December of 2000 — May 2001 in A&T Trade studio, Saturday Mastering studio by Sergey Titov and Sergey Dementyev, Moscow, Russia.

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