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Video Rising Arrows

This midnight in Drugmetal show on the A-ONE (Moscow time) all welcome to watch the premiere of new clip Rising Arrows by GODS TOWER!!!

Video Rising Arrows

RISING ARROWS can be seen on Channel A1-December 14, 2010 (Tuesday) at 00:05. Repeat — 19 December at 02:00 in the transfer of Drugmetal show. more —

Concert Trailer


Clip is ready

We are happy to annonce some good fresh news — finally new clip on the re-recorded "Rising Arrows" song is ready! Also pleased to inform that big solo concert will include not only a great solo concert set, but the presentation — the first clip show and chat with the audience. Musicians of GODS TOWER are happy to answer questions there.


Only one week left to the big solo concert in Minsk. In the summer we did a test mini-tour, and it proved our relevance. Upcoming concert will open a series of more intensive shows, which was fully endorse our return and rebellion. See you next week!

Update from Lesley

Yesterday we finished shooting controversial points in the video, everything that makes us doubt in terms of quality and relevance. I will not hurry with the announcement, but maybe next week it will be possible to arrange a premiere. Quality is more important than speed. Furthermore, it became clear that before the new year we will visit almost all main cities of countries within the framework of a mini-tour ... I will keep you posted.

Album recording

On Wednesday, we finished writing the drum tracks for the new album. The material turned out like hurricane, and after the treatment, I think it sounds just a high quality. Incidentally, some things just yesterday got its final form. Given the nature of the material, albeit unexpectedly.

It now remains to bring this to normal form and continue recording. In general,  it should be ready till spring.

Reunion video



The idea of reunion of GODS TOWER exist around almost since the time it was said on the official dissolution of the band. But for a long time, it was impossible for many reasons — economic, psychological and other things. But in the end around the name GODS TOWER created this atmosphere that we are reluctant to think about the reunion. The idea came from outside, we ourselves would not have finally decided on this. In short, if the reunion was not, it would cost to come up with. " Lesley Knife

In summer 2010 the legendary, cult GODS TOWER arise in classical composition, again prepared for battle. Rehearsals, concerts, Picture Gallery and a video tour and, finally, the long-awaited entry «STEEL SAYS LAST». Already hour and a half live material is dense and is ready to work on preparations for the recording of a ten-year exposure. Time did not allow the silence to lose relevance and unreleased songs — it gave power and strength of the coming album.

"The most difficult issue — the choice player. Urakov was in many respects unique in sound and musical thinking, and as a composer, he was unique. Our goal is not only recover, record and play unreleased stuff, but also to perform them live on the top floors of modernity "- Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Band members chose the guitarist on the same principle as AC / DC vocalist chosen — on the principle of maximum similarity. They found such a person — this comrade Urakova, his pupil, who took over from him many things: playing in a similar manner, just as eccentric, even in a somewhat similar appearance. In general, it's done, GODS TOWER again rehearsing and preparing for full-scale stock!

«P.S. We are well aware that after ten years, our decision might seem annoying, and so on, but trust our word for it — first of all, we deeply on the drum all polls ideyniki foaming at the mouth, and secondly, we know what we're doing. Dogs bark, the caravan moves on! »- Lesley Knife

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